MeMoSA – mobile mouth screening anywhere

Mouth cancer screening –anywhere and anytime. Technology has supported many advances in the field of science and medicine and it’s about to do even more for mouth cancer. Find out how you can be part of this, and work with us towards a future free of the fear of cancer.

About MeMoSa

More than 900 Malaysians suffer from mouth cancer and many come when the cancer is very advance. [1]Awareness and access to expert opinion on suspicious changes in the mouth could change this. Mouth cancer should be easily detected as the mouth is amenable to quick examination. Further, treatment for early lesions can be done before cancer develops. MeMoSA is a mobile phone App that provides a solution to enable early detection of mouth cancer through connecting health-care professionals, aimed to improve patient management.

[1] Azizah Ab M, Nor Saleha I.T, Noor Hashimah A, Asmah Z.A, Mastulu W.The Malaysian National Cancer Registry Report (MNCR) 20017-2011:Malaysia Cancer statistics, Data and Figure, (2016). National Cancer Institute, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

How You Can Help

Depending who you are and what you would like to do, we welcome you to work with us.

Healthcare professionals

  • Register and get involved directly by using the app in your clinical practice
  • Join us in our panel of specialists


  • Encourage your dentists and doctors to use the MeMoSA app
  • Donate to fund the project

Corporate companies

  • Donate to fund the project
  • Adopt MeMoSA as your CSR program. Become our partner by:
    • Providing mobile phones with internet connection
    • Sponsor the study that will be conducted nationwide